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Kids Karate

Our Tiny Tigers karate program for kids aged 4 to 7 years old is a fantastic developmental activity and huge fun for all involved!

Teachers and counselors often recommend martial arts for kids as a very effective way to help achieve physical, mental, emotional and social growth. Kids karate classes aim to provide children with:

  • Good health
  • Confidence and a positive self-image
  • A great group of new friends
  • Respect for teachers, parents and peers
  • Focus, discipline and energy management
  • Self-defense skills (which we hope they never have to use)

We love parents to support their children and enjoy watching karate lessons from our special viewing area.

Deduct Karate Fees from your Taxes!

As an added bonus, karate is on the list of approved sports for federal and provincial child activity tax credits! 

Click here
 to learn more about claiming Tiny Tiger / kids membership fees on your tax return. 


Book your Karate Birthday Party today!
London Karate Club Hosts Karate Birthday Parties for Kids

njoy your special day by having tons of fun with your friends at our dojo.
  • Karate games
  • Cake (baked by the parents, of course!)
  • Grab bags
  • More!
Ask Sensei Fall for more information or to book a date.
 What our parents and kids say:

"The instructors are very patient with the kids and there's a great atmosphere...I would recommend London Karate Club for everyone." Charlene, parent

"London Karate Club has really great instructors and a great group of people...it feels like a family..." Romana, parent

"Sensei Fall is a good teacher...he loves us coming to class and when we listen." Turner, Tiny Tiger


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